Remedial Massage PLUS Physio OR Chiro

  • Why not have a remedial massage before seeing the Physio or Chiro?
  • During these consultations, you will receive approximately 15 minutes of remedial massage therapy, followed by a 15 minute consultation with the Physiotherapist or Chiropractor.
  • The physiotherapist can follow up with more manual therapy and implement some exercises for you to take home so you can progress your rehabilitation.
  • OR
  • The Chiropractor can also follow up with more manual therapy, adjustments (if appropriate) and stretches and exercises that will help you continue your rehabilitation.

If any of the therapists believe you will benefit MORE from one therapist’s intervention, we will notify you immediately and will discuss further on how we can organize that.

To make a booking, please call (02) 8515 7980.

Unfortunately these sessions cannot be booked online as we need to discuss and screen to see if you are an appropriate candidate for these treatment sessions.