Remedial Massage



Remedial Massage is a tactile therapy that manipulates the soft tissues of the body. Affected muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves are manipulated in order to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The main aim of Remedial Massage is to remedy a particular injury, reduce pain, promote normal range of motion (joint mobilisation) and to stimulate healing.

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Kylie is a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and Accredited Member of the ATMS. She specialises Deep Tissue/Sports, Relaxation, Headache Prevention Techniques and incorporates stretching as well as range of motion exercises into most treatment sessions.  Originally a Naturopath, Kylie's career has naturally evolved to predominantly Remedial Massage Therapy however she is fully qualified to assist you with nutritional/dietary queries. Whether you have a chronic health complaint, a recent injury or just want to de-stress - Kylie aims to ensure your health concerns are addressed with a comprehensive assessment and individual treatment plan.

Kylie differs from many other massage therapists in that she has gained valuable experience and knowledge having worked alongside several physiotherapists, osteopaths and a chiropractor.  She is always striving to keep up with the latest research and techniques to be able to give her client’s the best possible treatment outcome



Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Relaxation/Swedish Massage

Relieving muscular neck and shoulder tension/discomfort

Relieving lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine tension/discomfort

Shoulder injuries including rotator cuff/frozen shoulder

Lower limb injuries/conditions including shin splints/calf tears/plantar fasciitis

Hand/wrist injuries/conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome/arthritic conditions

Headache relief and prevention including Tension/Sinus/Migraines

Pregnancy Massage