Lower Back Pain

What is lower back pain?

Up to eighty per cent of Australians will experience back pain at some point in their lives and as a result 10% will experience significant disability (Medical Journal of Australia 2009; 190 (9): 499-502).

This is an astounding figure which means that 8/10 of you reading this page right now would have or will experience some back pain in your life.

Lower back pain can be caused by the surrounding muscles or joints in the spine. It can be painful on movement or during prolonged sitting or standing.

How Lower Back Pain happens?

Lower back pain could’ve happened on the sports field, lifting something at home, work or gym. During this incident, the movement usually involves straining the joints and muscles.

If there was no movement causing the injury, it could be a postural issue from weakness of particular areas and/or tension in other muscles.

What Prime Movement Physiotherapy can do for Lower Back Pain

– Soft tissue massage to release the tight muscles of the lower back

– Joint mobilisations to free up stiff joints

– Exercises to strengthen weak areas and stretches to improve tight muscles.

– Gait and posture analysis

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