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Do you suffer from:

  • neck or back pain
  • shoulder or elbow pain
  • sporting injuries
  • hip pain
  • knee pain
  • foot pain

Or do you require:

  • post rehabilitation program
  • Injury prevention strategies
  • physiotherapy services under WorkCover, Motor Vehicle Accident or Department of Veterans' Affair

then make a booking now, to see a physiotherapist at Prime Movement Physiotherapy.

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At Prime Movement Physiotherapy the approach to your treatment session is tailored to your assessment and goals. At Prime Movement Physiotherapy we only treat patients 1-on-1 in a private environment so your appointment is dedicated to you to achieve the best outcome.

During your consultation your physiotherapist will take your through a comprehensive history of the injury and conduct a thorough physical examination to determine the problem and diagnose the issue for you. A detailed Recommended Treatment Plan including predicted time to recover and goals will be outlined in conjunction with you so you know what to expect in your treatment sessions.

Your physiotherapist will use a variety of treatment modalities including manual therapy, joint mobilisations, dry needling techniques and personalized exercise programs to help you achieve your goals.